Languages Arabic - English
Nationality Egypt
QCHP License no. 8224
Name: Dr. Medhat Mohamed Ali
Specialty: Internal Medicine

About the Doctor:
• Dr. Medhat Mohamed Ali graduated with honors from Assiut University, Egypt in 1992. He spent 1 year as a House Officer (General Medicine, General Surgery) in Assiut University Hospitals (doing resident on calls both in medical and surgical conditions and handling medical and surgical emergencies). Assiut University Hospital is the largest and oldest university hospital in Upper Egypt which includes 2027 beds and provide medical services to about a million patient per year in its outpatient clinics and emergency department.

• Then he spent three years as an Internal medicine resident at Sohag University Hospital. The above mentioned hospital is the second largest hospital in Upper Egypt, 1000 beds. The Internal medicine Department contains separate unites for Endocrinology, Cardiology, Nephrology and Gastroenterology in addition to emergency department and general wards. The internal medicine department contains very good and advanced equipment in all units and supervised by eminent professors in Upper Egypt.

• He was graduated with honor for Master degree in internal medicine from Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University, Egypt at 1997. The Title of Thesis was Left ventricular hypertrophy in white coat hypertension specially smokers.

• After the Master degree , Dr. Medhat was promoted to Assistant lecturer position in the Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University taking the following Duties and Responsibilities:
o Discuss medical cases in the outpatient clinic
o Daily follow up for the inpatients in the general ward
o Participate in the weekly Grand Round which include all staff members in the department
o Take the responsibility of night duty every third day supervising residents in the internal medicine department, CCU and emergency department
o Continue in both teaching and research activities to finish his doctorate degree.

• He obtained his Doctorate degree in Internal Medicine from Sohag University & graduated with honors at 2007. The Title of Thesis was: The role of cardiac radioactive scanning in diagnosis and prediction of silent myocardial ischemia among hypertensive patients.

• He continued his career in Sohag University as a lecturer of Internal Medicine with the following Duties and Responsibilities:

o Supervise assistant lecturers and residents in their clinical duties both in the OPD and general wards.
o Participate in the weekly Grand Round which include all staff members in the department
o Teaching Students at the Faculty of Medicine, the Higher Institute of Nursing and the School of Nursing: Courses: of internal medicine according to concurrent curriculum.
o Teaching clinical cases of internal medicine to the fifth year students of the faculty of medicine.
o Training house-officers and young residents in the college.

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