Dr. Rashad Lashin

Languages Arabic - English
Nationality Egypt
QCHP License no. 8096
He has traveled and worked in many Arab countries such as Libya, Yemen and finally the State of Qatar.
In Libya:
- Participated in activities of The Supreme Committee of childhood welfare (Libya), besides the work in pediatrics
Work in Yemen : University of Science and Technology:
1. -worked as a Consultant in pediatrics psychiatry.
2. Established for the first time in Yemen (Children behavioral and psychological problems Clinic in University of Science and Technology Hospital, Yemen, Sanaa
3. Established recreational therapy center for children in The Hospital of University of Science and Technology.
4. Training Hospital personnel’s and Nursing of The University of Science and Technology in Yemen on: psychological support and policies for dealing with children in all departments of the hospital.
5. Many participation in the Media about behavioral and psychological care.
6. Training and preparing parents and teachers for the tasks of parenting and family and child care.
7. Production of a film about the psychological support and recreational therapy in The Hospital of University of Science and Technology in Yemen.
Private work in Pediatrics in Egypt:
Founder and Director of (The Specialized Center for childhood care) which include :
1. Pediatrics outpatient clinic.
2. Neonate care unite (incubators).
3. Pediatrics psychiatry and Behavioral counseling to the childhood problems.

1. Discuss the doctoral thesis in Pediatrics Neurology: 10/07/2011 Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University and the theme was:
2. (Role of Toxoplasmosis in acute flaccid paralysis in children and how to treatment).
3. Master Degree of Pediatrics May 2002 - Faculty of Medicine - Zagazig University.
4. - Diploma in Pediatrics: April 1994 - Faculty of Medicine – Suez Canal University.
- M . B . , B . CH . May 1991 - Faculty of Medicine - Zagazig University with total grade very good.
5. Bachelor of Islamic Sharia:1999/2000 - Faculty of Sharia - Al Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences - Zliten, Libya.

Teaching work:
1. Teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, Azal University in Yemen for Pediatrics
2. Teaching at the Faculty of Kindergarten, University of Science and Technology, Yemen
3. Teaching in nursing schools in Egypt for Pediatrics and Psychiatry

Tasks and Skills:
1. Chairman of the Board of Directors of )the Happy Family Association( which is interested in preparing Before marriage and parenting and training in children and adolescents care through ages and stages ranging from birth to reaching the age of majority (21 year).
2. Vice President of the Arabic Regional Council for Human Development Formerly.
3. General Manager of the Husseiniya Central Hospital, Ministry of Health, Egypt.
4. Educational consultant from Boston University, USA.
5. Educational consultant to the site of IslamOnline previously and many sites.
6. Expert in human development.
7. Guest in many satellite channels such as Al Jazeera.